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Winter Park, FL


Gold Buying in Winter Park, FL

Simmons Jewelers makes it very easy to get the highest price for your gold, platinum, and silver. No appointment is necessary, so customers can bring their gold, platinum or silver anytime during regular store hours. Our highly trained staff consults a collector’s database to assist sellers in finding potential buyers. Generally, there is demand to buy gold about 90 percent of the time. Of all the precious metals, gold will continue to escalate in value. A major factor is that gold is viewed as a safe haven in tough times.


Highest Price for Your Gold!


One major reason to take your gold to Simmons is our commitment to give you the highest price for your item. There’s no pressure and no obligation when bringing your gold here. We guarantee to pay the highest price for your gold and silver items, or you can take your items elsewhere. That is why our offer is a golden one. If you have been comparison shopping, Simmons Jewelers is a must!

Come visit our Winter Park, FL storefront today or call us to learn more about your cash for gold options.